New ‘Legal Eagles’ club emerges at GlenOak

By Thomas Gustin, Staff Writer — At the high school, many opportunities can be found to help better prepare you for your future. There are clubs that focus on giving kids experience with career fields and help them learn more about it.

A popular club has been Teen Court, where students learn what a court room experience is like and perform all the jobs involved in real life teen cases. But recently there has been a new club added similar that is to Teen Court, it is called Legal Eagles.

Legal Eagles allows kids to perform in mock trial competition, moot court competition, and other law related activities. This will help the students learn the actual roles of a trial, understand the process of the trial, get to meet people in the field, and participate in competitions.

Attorney Dean Carro is the team’s attorney of record and will be working with club members to prepare them for competition. High school teacher Sandra Abbonizio is the club adviser who will organize meeting dates and times, post information and materials, and also work with club members.

“My expectations for the students is to become involved in as many as the activities as their schedules permit, to learn about the law, and to have fun while doing so,” Abbonizio said.“The club members will learn about the law and play the roles of a trial.”

The students had to write a closing argument for a shoplifting trial and present in front of people from Baker Firm. Carro works at the Baker Firm where he is an attorney and he is a professor of law at Akron University. Baker Firm is the sponsor for Legals Eagles.

“We most often have meetings on Wednesdays. More meetings closer to competition and other activities,” Abbonizio said. “Meeting dates are coordinated around what they have coming up.”

Students who are interested in the career field of law, the Legal Eagles is the perfect club for you. Learn how trials work, learn people’s jobs in law field, and also develop connections with firms and people in that career.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]