Disney foods to make at home

Pictured above: homemade beignets

With school off and plenty of companies calling off work, people are stuck feeling bored at home. 

With nothing else to do many have resorted to sitting down and taking advantage of the newest major streaming service, Disney+. The only problem is not having the right snack for binging. 

That is not a problem though, for the best inspiration lies within the very movies you have been watching.

  Starting with Princess and the Frog, it is no doubt that watching the first 15 minutes leaves everyone wanting to try one of Tiana’s famous beignets. 

But there is a simple solution to that. You can make your own. 

It’s fairly simple and consists of basic baking ingredients that your family probably already owns. 

Depending on if you have yeast or not it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to make a batch but it is certainly worth it. 

“They are like a plump little pillow of a doughnut,” Cindy Lhota said. 

She had decided to make a batch after watching Princess and the Frog with her grandchildren the night before. 

Overall, they are easy to make and definitely worth the effort. 

Next is spaghetti and meatballs from Lady and the Tramp. 

Everyone knows of the classic scene of the candlelit dinner where the two pups share their romantic first date. But not everyone can replicate it so easily given the current circumstances. 

The typical store bought pasta and sauce are becoming more and more difficult to find given the current pandemic. Which is why this may be a useful recipe to learn. 

The ingredients do not require much but it is time consuming to get the noodles right without a pasta maker. 

Not to worry though, after that the meatballs and sauce are easy

Meatballs themselves are quick and easy to make. However, they are not recommended for the squeamish, as you do have to get your hands dirty. 

As for the sauce, you just have to pop in the ingredients and let it simmer. 

For a meal as well loved and tasty, it is surprisingly easy to make it from scratch.

This is a great meal to make. It is easy and a definite crowd pleaser. 

The final food to try is the Gray Stuff from Beauty and the Beast. 

From the song “Be Our Guest” you can see Lumiere offer Belle an odd looking gray desert. 

Not everyone would exactly find it appetizing by the name or look, but that does not stop people from ordering a serving at Disney World or even making it at home.

The food itself is much better than the name lets on. It consists of crushed Oreos, cream and pudding as its main ingredients. 

“It doesn’t taste bad. The name is just terrible,” Ken Lhota said. He reluctantly tried some after his wife and grandchild made a batch but was pleasantly surprised. 

After tasting it you will find that Lumiere was right to say it is delicious.

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