The outlook of summer, will we have a summer?


Eagle photo courtesy of Eva Hotchkiss.

COVID-19 has caused a lot of issues concerning everyone’s day-to-day lives. Although Ohio has handled things pretty well with self-quarantining and eliminating non-essential travel, many people may ask, “Will we have a summer?” and quite frankly, that is unknown. 

Many teens are concerned with possibly not having a summer. 

“I’m just hoping that we don’t have to stay inside or away from all of our friends,” sophomore Lauren Nieporte said. 

This summer will most likely not be the same as past years. According to Gov. Mike DeWine, he has a three phase plan to reopen Ohio starting May 1st. 

Phase I is about keeping high risk people inside, not being in groups larger than 10, gyms can reopen up with strict sanitization processes and social distancing, and elective surgeries can resume. 

Phase II is continuing to keep people who are at high risk at home, not being in groups more than 50, non essential travel can continue, and large venues like movie theaters or restaurants may begin to open up with strict distancing protocols. 

Phase III is allowing high risk people to leave their houses, non essential jobs may begin opening up, and large venues may continue to operate with strict distancing protocols. 

There is no set date to fully reopen Ohio, but there is still a chance that if you follow these phases as they occur, summer may not be a total waste. 

Some teens will still settle for having a changed summer, compared to not having one at all. 

“I’m sure we will have some sort of summer even if it is a little different, it’s still better than being in school,” sophomore Lindy Fitzsimmons said. 

Some teens have mixed feelings about reopening summer. 

“I feel like it’s kind of early to start allowing people to be close again considering how high the case numbers are, but I think it will be good to see where we are at and it will help the economy,” sophomore Ella Watson said. 

Although this plan may not be ideal and may not be the fastest, but there could potentially be somewhat of an altered summer, but at least there will be a chance for one.