Browns fans enjoy victory Mondays


“Cleveland Browns 5-2 for the first time since 1994” Cleveland Browns commentator Jim Donovan said. The Cleveland Browns have had a heck of a season this year. They have had their ups and downs but, their fans have not given up on them, through their wins and losses, Browns fans still root for them, which leads to the traditions they have.

Many fans have different traditions they do each time the Browns win. As an example, English teacher Aven Combest has a tradition of doing “Victory Mondays”. She started this tradition when she taught at Avondale Elementary School. Many of her past students were Steelers fans and did not agree with her view on the upcoming Browns vs. Steelers game. 

Her former students were giving her trash talk the days leading up to the big game. All odds were against the Browns, but the Browns pulled through and ended up winning the big game. This was the spark of Combests’ “Victory Mondays”. 

“My Victory Mondays are where I dress like a lunatic after a Browns win, which has been awesome this year,” Combest said. “When people were giving me a lot of trash talk beforehand [the Browns vs. Steelers game] and then we ended up winning, the next day I went dressed in all my gear and that’s when it became a thing.” 

Due to the struggles of not being capable to watch the game at home, Combest either finds a family or friend’s house to watch it at or retreats back to her phone for updates. She has updated the tradition a little bit from when she started, in the beginning, she came in and was very enthusiastic and some would even say obnoxious about the win. 

Combest recently updated it last year, so now every time the Browns pull another win, she adds a new item to her wild costume. Combest hopes to adjust and change the costume more over time. 

“I used to just come in obnoxious and this year I just decided to add to it with each win so at the end it’ll be obnoxious,” Combest said. 

AP U.S. History Teacher Ben Hughes has been a Browns fan his entire life and loved the teams from the 1980s. 

“The Browns were actually good at one point! This shocks my students,” Hughes said. 

Hughes does not have any specific tradition like Combest had, but he and his kids always have their Browns gear on when Sunday rolls around. He also has a set schedule so he does not miss a game. 

“I do not have any particular traditions but I always know what time they play on Sundays and make sure to get any errands or projects out of the way by then,” Hughes said. “I make sure to always have a Browns shirt on, with the addition of my children over the last few years, they are always in Browns gear as well, (I’m still working on my wife, she’s not much of a football fan).” 

Combest and Hughes are happy with the way that the Browns have been performing throughout this season. While Hughes also points out some strengths and weaknesses the team has had this season. 

“This has been an interesting season so far. In certain games, they look lost, like the typical Browns, and other games they have looked like an organized, well-disciplined, talented football team.” Hughes said. 

Though it is still really early in the season, the Browns continue to fight and give their best performance. Hughes has hopes for the best season yet. 

“It is still so early in the season, and with the heartbreak, I have endured, I am a pessimist by nature with the Browns. I’m hoping for the best this year,” Hughes said.

Although Hughes does not have any experience coaching football, he believes head coach Kevin Stefanski is doing a great job in the season so far. 

“Well, I have no experience coaching football so that is a hard question to answer. I think that the current coach has done a great job so far so I would continue to follow his protocols. I am a happy fan of this current regime,” Hughes said. 

Combest is hoping for just a winning season, she is not really focused on the playoffs or Super Bowl, just a winning season. 

“I am hoping for a winning record, I know people are talking about the playoffs and Super Bowl and I just can’t let myself get that excited, because I don’t want to be brought down, but it is 2020 so anything is possible,” Combest said.  

On the other hand, Hughes is hoping for the ultimate prize of a Super Bowl Championship. He also thinks that the playoffs are an absolute possibility this season. 

“I’m hoping for the ultimate prize of a Super Bowl Championship and will continue to hope for that as long as I’m living. I actually have a shirt that says, ‘Just One Before I Die Please!’ I want to see a competitive team that plays hard and wins games,” Hughes said. “I think the playoffs are absolutely a possibility this year and that is a step in the right direction. A victory over Pittsburgh in the last game would be great as well.” 

The two Browns fans have high hopes for the Browns, will they be able to keep these two fans hoping for a great playoff season. Guess we will have to find out in the coming games.