Remembering Jared Marcum


He was equally caring as he was hardworking. His warm smile would light up every room he entered. His friendly demeanor would make everyone feel at ease. 

Though Jared Marcum graduated from our school last year, his death has deeply affected his family and the Plain Local community. He may not have been aware of the profound impact he had on everyone he crossed paths with, but it has certainly been felt. 

His admirable character and determination to uplift others made him stand out as someone everyone wanted to be around. Jared had a way of making everyone feel special, and he left a good impression on the hearts of those who he encountered. 

“He was kind, loving and accepted people for who they were,” mother Nicole Marcum said. “He was going to reach out and be your friend no matter what.” 

Jared exemplified this kindness at home with his younger siblings as well. He would make time for his two sisters, Brett and Ainsley, and brother, Wyatt. Whether they were jumping on the trampoline, pretending to have a lightsaber fight or at the beach, Jared enjoyed the quality time spent with his siblings. 

He had a passion for having a positive impact on the people he met. He enjoyed being involved in various activities and took advantage of the opportunities that he had to make a difference. He was a member of the band program and the Light and Sound Career Tech. Through these programs, Jared developed as a person, leader and encouraging peer. 

There was a welcoming aura to Jared, as he befriended everybody in band and enjoyed the camaraderie it brought him. According to band director Christopher Irwin, Jared liked to bring positive energy to his peers and was always determined to uplift the spirits of his fellow band members. 

He spent his years in the band program as a trombone player and was actively involved in any service opportunities that came his way. 

“Jared would take any opportunity he could to volunteer for fundraisers or to help out with the field crew set up,” Irwin said. “He wanted to be a helper, whether it was helping the director or his friends, he was there for them.” 

These qualities and more of Jared’s were also displayed in his time spent in the light and sound career tech. He was a part of the backstage crew that would help make the various productions that take place on a stage come to life. 

“He wanted to make the stars of the show shine,” father Jason Marcum said. 

He certainly did just that, as this past year Jared worked on the Phantom of the Opera musical, in which he was tasked with operating the chandelier and remote control boat. He handled these challenging tasks extremely well and worked with his fellow crew members to put on a quality production. 

“I will always remember how the tech crew joked around, smiled, high-fived and celebrated after Phantom of the Opera,” light and sound career tech instructor Tamara Traut said. “I know Jared was relieved after the last show because of the difficulty of it, but he had such a big smile on his face that night.” 

He took pride in all that he accomplished through the programs he participated in, and rightfully so. He had an exemplary work ethic when he was passionate about something and he truly embodied what it means to be a selfless leader. 

“Jared was always the person on a show who would take the jobs that others considered difficult or boring, because he was incredibly mature and realized they needed to be done for the good of the show,” Traut said. “He never complained about anything and was a true professional.” 

These characteristics are what made Jared so special. He was the person you could always trust and turn to when you needed a helping hand. You could count on him for sarcastic banter to make you laugh, or a warm smile to make you feel loved. 

Jared was a true GlenOak Golden Eagle. He had school spirit like no other, and he was proud to be a part of this community. 

“This was his home,” Jason said. “He would have never left.”

The band program, the light and sound career tech, his family and friends and the community as a whole are better because of Jared. 

He left his mark on everyone he encountered, and his legacy lives on through every time a new band member feels welcomed, every time a stage production runs smoothly and every time a cheer is given in the name of GlenOak pride. 

People like Jared are rare individuals, and his infectious personality has left an imprint on his family, teachers, friends and the Plain Local community alike. Though his presence is greatly missed, his spirit will never die.