Cafe closes during lunch due to new healthy foods law

Last year, students would run down to the café just to get a good spot in line. But this year is different.

“There was a house bill passed during July and all the things that Marcia Bournelis sold did not pass the list,” Principal Ken Faye said. “She also could not sell the same food as the cafeteria.”

One of the main problems with the café being open during the school day was the amount of students that used to skip classes and hang out in the café instead of being in class.

“It is easier to keep track of students that would skip class periods, and it is also not interrupting classes in the performing arts hallway,” Faye said.

Many students enjoyed the café’s sweets such as the brownies, pepperoni rolls and smoothies. One bill changed all that, not only for the café but for our cafeteria food as well.

“I feel that if I am a teenager I should be able to buy and eat whatever I want,” junior Marquis Coollier said.

Not only was the type of food the café sold limited but the number of students who were allowed to go down there was limited to seven during lunch.  Students were no longer allowed to eat in the cafe. Instead they would have to return and eat in the lunchroom. However, this is not why she closed.

“It was disappointing that the school limited the amount of students who could come down to the café during lunch,” Bournelis said. “However, the main reason I am now closed during the school day is because of all the food restrictions.”

The bill does not affect selling food before school and after school. The café’s new hours are 7 a.m. until 7:25 a.m. and 2:20 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Many students are feeling the void of the cafe.

“It was so much quieter and the food was phenomenally better than up in the commons,” senior Kate Doherty said.

Because of the change in hours some students no longer visit the café. Bournelis said the bill has limited her sales severely since she no longer does business during lunch.

Despite all the setbacks, Bournelis has continued to stay open.

“I do enjoy working here at GlenOak High School, I really love my interaction with the students,” Bournelis said.

There are still many kids that go to the café and stay loyal to Bournelis’ business, as the students still enjoy her tasty treats.

“I go down to the café after school to get a snack before my ride gets there to pick me up,” senior Evan Hastings said.

Bournelis is also getting some new kids that never used to come during the school day before.

“I never use to come to the café during lunch because it was so crazy, now I come after school because it’s nice and quiet, and fun place to hang with friends,” senior Spencer Drake said.

[Updated Aug. 6, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]