Places to hike over break

Jamie Cain , Staff Writer

     As the snow melts and warm weather is on its way, it is the perfect time to get outdoors. 

     A great outdoor activity is Hiking, it is perfect at any time of the day and is a great activity to do with friends or solo. 

     If you are going out hiking then there better be a waterfall of some sort (in my opinion), here to come are the best waterfall hiking trails within 3 hours of Canton Ohio. 

    Ranking number 1 is Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There are just about 125 miles worth of trails and is only a short 40-minute drive from Canton.

    There are numerous trails that rank different levels of difficulty. Short trails such as the path to Brandywines Gorge Falls which is about 1.5 miles while Valley Bridle trail is around 19 miles.

    Not only is Cuyahoga Valley National Park known for its hiking trails, there are many neighboring cities such as Kent, Akron and even Cleveland so it is perfect if you are looking to grab a bite to eat after. 

    Next, the best trail locally is Hocking Hills.

    Hocking Hills is further away at about 2 hours and 36 minutes however, its views are impeccable and definitely worth the trip. 

    Hocking Hills has around 59 miles worth of trails and many featuring waterfalls and caves. 

    Seven main trails each one different. There are caves, waterfalls, cliffs and loops around to see nature and beauty when out and about. But be warned some trails become very narrow and Buckeye Trail is arguably one of the most dangerous trails in Ohio.

    Yellow Springs is located about 2 hours and 48 minutes away with up to 80 miles of trails. Yellow Springs itself has a trail but is also a great center with connecting trails such as Glen Helen Nature Preserve and Talus Trail. 

    Yellow Springs has very scenic and peaceful hiking trails with small streams and waterfalls throughout. One may even get lucky and spot a few dogs out on the trails as it is dog friendly so do not forget your friends at home. 

    Last but certainly not least is Nelson-Kennedy Ledges. At only 1 hour and 11 minutes away it is one of the most scenic places around.

    Most famously known for its cliff jumping, it also has stairs climbing down the ledges and waterfalls hidden within. However, if you are not going out to explore I would not recommend it as it only has a few moderate and short trails. 

   Hiking is a great activity to partake in, but if walking is not your thing then bring your bike along since most hiking locations have a biking trail alongside. 

    Hiking is not always considered long trails with waterfalls many times it is just trails that you can go up hills and enjoy. If that is more your idea then I recommend looking into going up to Middle Branch Trail (Canton) or Quail Hollow (Hartville) as those are both gorgeous places and within 30 minutes of Canton. 

    So next time you are left with ample free time and no plans I recommend taking a short trip out of Canton and head up to one of the many locations.