GOHSonline under construction

By Sloan Kyler — It may come as a surprise to many students, but the Eagle has created a web site that will work in step with the print paper to give students a new way to access the news.

The new web site will provide students a quick and easy way to see summarized versions of events and news taking place around the high school. There will also be more condensed versions of stories that will appear in print.

Staff writer Sloan Kyler works on the new Eagle web site

Staff writer Sloan Kyler works on the new Eagle web site

“It’s a hub to let everyone know what is going on at the school. I want a way to get information to both students and the parents,” said Angela Spano, advisor to both the Eagle and the yearbook, the Aurum.

On the web site, there is a weekly poll that any student can submit a vote, web exclusive articles, and links to the school web site and yearbook orders.

Although the website is still very new and under construction, Spano and the entire news staff are working to re-vamp the site and familiarize it with the public.

“I’d like to see a way to get more student traffic on it,” said Spano. “I want it to be as current as possible. I’m looking for student suggestions as well.”

The site contains sections for feature, opinion, and sports articles, as well as a yearbook section. There is a scrolling title bar that displays the top current news stories that may intrigue students.

Future changes are in store for the web site, as the news staff ends the year by submitting their ideas and outlines on how to better the web site and get more user views. Spano has also expressed interest in making a Twitter account for the paper, that would be linked to the site.

To visit the Eagle online, log on to gohsonline.com.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]