We tried it for you: fun flavored candy canes

Pictured here are the seven different candy cane flavors we tried for you.
Pictured here are the seven different candy cane flavors we tried for you.
Mirren Grimason
Hot chocolate candy canes
Hot cocoa 2/10


This one was definitely interesting to say the least. There was absolutely no chocolate taste or anything resembling it for that matter. It tasted like someone was yelling “chocolate” from Oakwood. Safe to say I want my money back.



Hot chocolate candy canes (Mirren Grimason)
Marshmallow candy canes
Marshmallow 6/10


The cute rainbow packaging on this one was quite deceiving as it tasted like pure sugar. To be fair, that is all a marshmallow is. So if you are not a big flavor guy and you are just looking for a stick of sugar, I would give this one a shot.



Marshmallow candy canes (Mirren Grimason)
Twinkie candy canes
Twinkie 5/10


This one had a very odd taste but it was not necessarily bad. It tasted a lot like coconut to me which was odd but kind of good. However, there was no flavor being given from the cream stripe which, let’s be honest, is everyone’s favorite part of the Twinkie. I would pass on this one. 






Twinkie candy canes (Mirren Grimason)
Birthday cake candy canes
Cold stone ice cream (strawberry, mint chip and birthday cake) 5/10

I liked the different flavors aspect of this one but only one of them was good. The strawberry one tasted artificial and the mint chip one was like a burnt peppermint patty one. The birthday cake on the other hand saved this one; if you like birthday cake ice cream you will love it. But unfortunately, due to the letdown of mint chip and strawberry, I am gonna have to say no to this one. 

Birthday cake candy canes (Mirren Grimason)
Jello candy canes
Strawberry Jello 2/10


Whoever let the Jello candy cane idea slide by corporate should be fired: effective immediately. Because yes, it tastes as bad as it sounds. Unless you really have a thing for solid strawberry syrup or you are my grandma, put it back on the shelf Leslie. 



Jello candy canes (Mirren Grimason)
Orange creamsicle
Orange creamsicle 9/10


I do not know about you but when the ice cream man rolled up on my block, this was always my go to. So when I saw the candy cane version hit the shelves, I had quite high hopes. I am happy to report this did infact taste like an orange creamsicle and brought me back to my childhood. Let me know if you want me to pick you up a box because I will be repurchasing. 



Orange creamsicle (Mirren Grimason)
Warheads candy canes
War heads (black cherry and blue raspberry) 4/10


I was really excited to dare someone to take a bite out of this one without spitting it out for $5. Unfortunately, they were barely sour and I am now out $5. If you were one of those kids who could not handle the lemon in your water, maybe these will do it for you. Otherwise, just get some actual warheads.

Warheads candy canes (Mirren Grimason)
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