Staying active in the community during the summer months

By Karen Clifton — It is June 2nd, the sun is shining, it’s 11 a.m., and the stress of endless homework and projects is over—for a couple months.

Although for some it may seem ideal to just relax by the pool all day, or simply curl up in a soft, down comforter and sleep the day away; however one must not completely neglect the community. School may be done until August, but volunteering and supporting the district is still necessary, and can be enjoyable.

“Volunteering in the summer is fun because it gives you something to do with friends,” junior Kayla Kayatin said.

Doing community service is a way to have a good time with friends while also benefitting the district.

Safety City is a great way to stay active within the community (and get service hours needed to graduate). It will take place on June 11-15 at the Little Eagle Kindergarten Center at Day, for about 3 hours each day. Sixty student volunteers are needed to help teach incoming kindergarten students about the rules and guidelines of how to be safe.

Hanging out with children may not be the most optimal idea of how to spend a summer morning, but maybe running is. On June 15, the Brian Beck Memorial Father’s day 5k race will begin at the GlenOak Stadium. Not only can families come to bond with one another and celebrate Father’s Day, but one can finally start putting in effort of that “get in shape” new year’s resolution.

Maybe that summer getaway is necessary, and volunteering is the last thing coming to mind. As the school supplies are popping up in stores, and summer is coming to a close, there is still another way to support the district, even in the middle of August. The fall sports kickoff will begin on August 16, where the fall sports teams, who have been practicing all summer, will be showcased in the Stadium. This will give everyone the opportunity to be reacquainted with the friends (and school) one has not seen all summer.

Just because school is out, does not mean time has stopped. The community always has opportunities to stay involved and help out others, which can be the perfect way to meet new people and do something productive with the summer months. Although “easy” work is not promised, new memories however, are guaranteed.

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[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]