Exam exemptions are in place for 2012

By Ellie Miday — Earlier in the semester, word was floating around the student body that exams were going to be closed due to some mishaps last year in the park across Schneider Street. Students have recently found out they now have an open exam schedule for this year’s finals.

This means that the student body can come in to school during the last week, only during the time in which they have an exam. Students are able to leave if they do not have an exam.

Freshman and sophomore students took the Practice OGT and the OGT tests in March. If they score Accelerated or Advanced, they are exempt from final exams in their core classes. The English and Math tests also require the passing of the end of course exam. AP students are exempt from the final exam only if they have an A or B in the class and have taken the College Board AP exam. Juniors are exempt if they pass the end of core exam in their core classes.  All students need to take their exams in their elective courses.

“I think it (exam exemptions) gives some students the opportunity they deserve. A lot of us have put 100 percent of our effort, and I think kids like that deserve to be exempt. Plus, everyone likes leaving school early- what’s the point of staying if you’re just another kid to look after,” freshman Anna Grunder said.

Freshman Kyle Monnot shared a similar opinion.

“It’s great to have open exams. All of the students here would love to come in later than usual and leave earlier than before,” Monnot  said.

The sophomore class is pretty excited too because this is their second year and they have already been annoyed with a full exam week with no exemptions.

“I’m really happy that exams are open. It isn’t fair to be stuck in a bunch of study halls that would never benefit me in the long run. Exemptions give students a hard earned break, “ sophomore Kaleb Thomas said.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]