Opinion: Students should not be penalized for little offense

By Aalia Malik — When the bell rings, we all know that it we should be in our class and ready to go. But sometimes that is not very easy to do.

If a student is to walk in merely a few seconds late to class, they should not get marked tardy or have to go to the office.

We have all had the morning when we wake up and realize that we should have gotten out of bed half an hour ago. Despite the fact that we jump out of bed and get ready as fast as humanly possible, it is still hard to make it out the door on time. When in a situation like this, we normally have to skip something we usually do every morning like eating breakfast. Then we run out the door to try to make it to school before the second bell rings.

Many students, including myself, have arrived at school a few minutes before the bell rings. Then by the time we make it in through the parking lot and into the school, the first bell has already rung.

It is a mission to make it from one hallway to other, especially in the morning when there are crowds of people standing all around the school. Even if you try to run to your class in the morning, it is very had to make it through all the people. It gets even harder when your class is far away.

When having to go through morning troubles like this, students should have leeway when it comes to getting to class on time. It is very unfair to penalize students when they really did not do anything wrong.

If students can make it into class very soon after the bell rings, they will not be missing a significant part of class. It there is a student that is late to class repeatedly, then there should be a punishment. But not for those students who have only had this problem once or twice.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]