Opinion: Subliminal messages in television shows and movies

By Megan Deierling — Certain television shows and children’s movies are putting dirty hidden messages in their episodes for no real reason at all.

Any more it seems that children’s shows have more and more subliminal messaging in them that it is practically comical. Children are being exposed to these messages without realizing it or understanding it. Parents think these shows are innocent and geared towards learning, but that is sadly untrue.

It is not like children are going to grow up to be sex-crazed animals because of these shows and movies but they are still being showed these unusual sights that they could not begin to understand.

The show SpongeBob Squarepants has been filling the minds of children with nasty puns. For example, there is an episode where SpongeBob is watching television and it is of an underwater object. His pet, Gary, comes into the room and he changes the channel to football. Maybe I am over thinking this but it seems to me SpongeBob was watching something dirty, maybe porn?

That is not the only example. A movie example would be The Little Mermaid. When Ariel and Prince Eric got married on the boat, there just so happened to be something “hidden” or unnoticeable when watching the movie normally. If one may have taken a look closer they could see the dirty message. The priest who was marrying the couple either had a roll of quarters in his pocket or just was happy to see Ariel, if you know what I mean.

Disney and other companies say that these messages are not on purpose but mere accident, but that is why there is a large team of editors to catch certain mistakes like these. Not everyone can catch every single slipup, but it seems that the only errors are the dirty ones.

I know that not all television shows and movies are full of dirty thoughts but the majority of them are.  Knowing that this is happening and innocent children are unprotected from the messages is shocking. I could only hope that in the far future when I want children that this does not get any worse.

 [Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]