From snowy mishaps to silly family traditions

By Morgan Steinbach — The holiday season has brought funny stories for out student body to share.

Junior Alyssa Cope:
So the day after Christmas, everyone knew it was going to snow, but Morgan Steinbach and I drove to the Strongsville mall anyways. The way there was simple, on clear, fast moving roads. We had a great shopping trip but when we left Strongsville to come back to Canton, there was a fresh 3-4 inches of snow on the ground with an hour and a half drive back home. We never went over 20 miles per hour on the adventure home and with Morgan being a first year driver, she was freaking out. I have had my license for two years now and I was not worried until we slowly slipped into a ditch. Luckily, we were able to reverse out of the hole and two and half hours later we made it home alive.

Junior Emily Grubbs:
New Year’s Eve is notorious for being a very fun holiday. Whether you are five or 25, the bringing in of the New Year is meant to be fun. It is the time for friends, partying, and family…always family. Every year when New Year’s Eve rolls around my family insists on it being a ‘family holiday.’ We all sit around basking in the wholesome family atmosphere to watch the ball drop as a unit. However, last year my mom decided to shake it up a little to go to a hotel. So we packed our bags and embarked on our New Year’s Eve journey. When we arrived at the hotel, prospects were good; there was a pool, there was food, and overall it looked like a big party. However, I was only partially right; there was a party…just not for the Grubbs family. While everyone else frolicked and ran around the hotel we stayed bunkered down in our room. We never actually got to swim in the hotel pool, which was practically the whole reason we drove two hours out of town. My mom was afraid of all the clearly belligerent people running amuck. I warned my mom that there were going to be loads of drunken people at a hotel on New Year’s Eve, but she resisted by stating that the hotel was ‘fun for the whole family.’ In the end, we ended up staying together in the hotel room to drop the ball. It was the same as every other New Year’s Eve…except that I had to sleep on the floor because there was not enough room on the bed.

Junior Lydia Rushin:
Over Christmas break my family was flying to Texas to visit family. We left the morning of Christmas Eve and were supposed to land the night of Christmas Eve. However, that is not how it worked out. We were supposed to land in Houston, Texas but the fog around the airport was too thick to land. So we hovered over the area, waiting for it to clear, but while were “hovering” the plane was running out of gas. So, we were forced to emergency land in at in airport in Alabama. There, we were told that we were be staying there the entire night. My family was upset, especially my little cousin who thought that Santa would not be able to find us to deliver our presents. To top it all off, the airline lost our luggage and we all to sleep in were Delta Airline t-shirts they gave to use… it was not a very Merry Christmas.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]