Opinion: Language classes

Spanish, French, and German are all classes offered at just about every high school. Is it, however, necessary for schools to have students be forced to take 3 years of a language to graduate with honors and at least two years of a foreign language to even graduate? Why can students not go through years of school without having these requirements?

Being forced to take different languages is not fun for must students because they feel that learning other languages is not something of importance.

The students that do enjoy taking other languages think that it is interesting to learn something new. They feel that being able to speak another language, one other than English, is fun.

Taking a foreign language is important because people from foreign countries are all coming to America, and most of them do not speak English right away. A good language to know and learn would be Chinese or Japanese.

There are so many Chinese and Japanese immigrants coming into the US, and learning one of their languages would highly benefit us for the future. Languages different from English can be very beneficial in jobs.

People speak many different languages and if one understands more than just one language, they can help and talk to the people who do not speak English. If one learns a different language, they will be more intelligent.

Once another language is learned, it should become easy to learn several more languages. Learning a new language can be very interesting and fun because if one stays with the language and learns to speak it fluently that person will gain an insight to another culture.

Learning other languages and having the opportunity in school to learn a language at a young age is very beneficial. When the young brain is still forming, it is easier to pick up a new language than when the student is older and trying to learn a language.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]