What next?

By Andrea Demetro — Students should not worry if they do not get into college. There are many alternatives if they do not.

“Open schools are not concerned with ACT as long as you are willing to learn,” counselor Kristi Blankenship said.

Open schools are known for their educational approaches of letting the student work at their own time. If a senior is rejected from a school, they have the option to attend one of these open schools to improve their
GPA and transfer to the college of their choice.

“Students can also look at internships or apprenticeships for an alternative to college,” Blankenship said.
Trade schools allow students to attend a two-year program for a vocational trade. They are apprentices to a mentor and automatically join their union who pays for their schooling. Trade schools are effective learning environments for anyone interested in construction, automotive or any other trade of interest.

Students who are determine to attend a certain college but lack the requirements for acceptance are allowed a one-year period to reapply. If they do not reach requirements, they might be able to reapply the year after. The college does have the right to outright reject them however, telling them not to apply again. Some will offer other schools to look at.

“I’m worried they won’t accept if I take a year off,” senior Taylor Smith said.

Smith is in between the decision to take the year off after graduation to relax or to immediately jump into college after the summer. She is concerned a college will reject her application if she reapplies to them a year later. Students who do plan to wait before attending college should not concern themselves, colleges are
more than willing to accept students. See the college admissions officer if the concern persists.

“I find that waiting the year is really good for your nerves,” 2012 graduate John Huth said.
Huth plans to attend Ohio State in the fall. He goes on to say the adjusting process between going to school and enjoying the freedom is nice but a little boring after the summer.

“I go to work and stay out with my friends during the summer. I didn’t think I would have gotten used to the idea that I have to go back to school in the fall. It’s weird,” Huth said.
Money concerns also affect a student’s ability to attend a college. The college of choice might be expensive but students can work through college to pay for school. They should also look for scholarships to help the situation.

College is a big decision for every senior before graduation. Keep up to date with scholarships and do not stress.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]