Advanced art students leave their mark on the school

By Morgan Steinbach — Students enrolled in Honors Art III and AP Art had the opportunity to participate in creating a mural that will be displayed in the school forever.

Through the Arts In Stark program, coordinator Diane Belfiglio was given a grant to enhance visual arts at high schools. The restrictions on the money given to Belfiglio included having to create an installation piece of artwork that would be displayed indefinitely.

Art Teacher Jill Balderson was given the lead of the project and gave the responsibility to her most responsible students.

“I chose AP Art students and Honors Art III because they are reliable, dependable artists,” Balderson said.

Balderson asked the students to create a mural that reflects the school in four areas. The ‘G’ of the GOHS stands for academics, ‘O’ for career technical programs and community, ‘H’ for arts and ‘S’ for sports.

The advanced students were split up into four groups and were given their own letter. They had to create a unified look for the mural but had to work separately.

With teamwork, the artists were able to create a work of art that will be hung in the hall forever.

“Creating the mural has left a positive mark on my junior year,” junior Meri Moore said. “I know it will leave a colorful inspiration in our school.”

The G.O.H.S. mural was unveiled at the art show on April 17 accompanied by multiple pieces of work created by students in various art classes.

Along with the new piece of artwork hanging in the entrance of the arts wing of the school, there have been several pieces displayed in the cafeteria. These small murals, also created by arts students, display the different aspects within the school including the arts such as dance and drama.

These works of art have been successful in creating a more interesting environment within the school.

“The walls of the building are so boring- our art has made the school more visually appealing to not only students but to the people that visit too,” senior Brent Yingling said.

The reactions to the mural have been positive from both the student body and staff. It has brought the arts department into the spotlight.

“I think people forget we have an arts program,” junior Alexa Green said. “When we do projects like this, people remember and give us positive feedback.”

The arts department, Balderson specifically, feel that that the project was very successful and hope to continue brightening the halls of the school with little pieces of art.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]