Senior Goodbye: Sloan Kyler

By Sloan Kyler — No matter how hard I try, there is absolutely no way for me to type this goodbye without sounding like a cheesy moron. However awful the delivery, I assure you the sentiment is real.

I will not say I loved every second of high school, or that it was some magical place that helped me discover who I am or that it has been the best time of my life but in a lot of ways it was exactly that.

Even when my frustration levels reach so high it feels like spending even one more second in school will make me scream, I cannot help but be reminded overwhelmingly of all the wonderful opportunities and experiences this school has had to offer.

Since freshman year, I have made some amazing friends, joined some awesome clubs and learned a lot about my own character. High school helped me discover my interests and strengths and without it I would not have the courage or the knowledge to take this new step into my adult life.

High school is meant to prepare students for college, for the “real” world but it has done so much more than that for myself. It has shown me the benefits of hard work and especially of compassion and friendship.
I have watched as my hobbies have turned into passions and those passions have turned into my future, a future that has arrived scarcely before I was ready.

GlenOak opened my eyes to theatre and acting, and I honestly have no idea where I would be without these things today. Without theatre, I would not know what direction to go in, and I am so thankful to have found it and to carry this part of myself I have discovered with me for the resy of my life.

To all the underclassmen, I have only this to say: You can spend your time in school hating it, fighting it and end up miserable. Or you can open yourself up to the all the amazing opportunities this school has to offer and allow yourself to enjoy every second that you possibly can.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]