Anti bullying and support clubs opening

By Rebecca Mansfield, News Editor — From anti-bullying clubs to support groups, the school has an array of options for those interested in helping other people get through trying times.

The Gay Straight Alliance and Helping the Hurt are clubs that are not well known to the students, but could be beneficial to victims of bullying.

Helping the Hurt is a relatively new club that started last year. The club was created and is run by senior Caitlin Hawkins. Helping the Hurt is an anti-bullying support group for those who have been bullied or are currently being bullied. The club also raises awareness on depression and other psychological problems. They do community efforts and events such as Adopt-a-Family. One of its goals for this year is to bring the club to the middle schools. Helping the Hurt makes signs and posters to try and cheer students up.

“The overall goal of Helping The Hurt is to instill a positive mindset and also to spread awareness of mental diseases,” Hawkins said.

The club meets twice a month, but has no set day. Helping The Hurt currently has approximately 12-15 members.This club takes place in A110. The next meeting is Nov. 13.

Another unknown club is the Gay Straight Alliance. The Gay Straight Alliance is a club that brings together heterosexuals and homosexuals, as well as those in between the spectrum. The club is student-led, with the help of English STEM teacher Angela Beshore. The club watches videos and does activities that involve equality and support. A student does not have to be homosexual to join the club. In fact, it is encouraged that heterosexuals come.

“We take time after school to try and be a support for those who are confused about their sexuality and track the progress of the gay movements,” senior and club president Amanda Zerby said.

The club also studies current events that deal with the gay rights movement. They watch videos and have a lot of food. The club meets once a month, but is trying to get it changed to twice a month. The club currently has between 10-15 members, but it varies from meeting to meeting. The club starts at 3:05 p.m. in room D213.

For anybody interested in these clubs, just show up at the next meeting. Participants do not need to attend all the meetings and there is no certain date all members need to be in.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]