Indoor sports emerge as winter approaches

By Matthew Allen, Staff Writer — As the fall season dies down, athletes start to participate in winter indoor sports. Students take part in indoor sports all over Stark County this winter. Some sports such as soccer and lacrosse are usually known to be played outdoors, but now there are opportunities to play year round.

Many teams are being formed at the Diamond Sports Complex this winter so athletes can have a chance to play at times they usually wouldn’t. This is a community soccer club where any one who has enough people can form a team with their friends and play. To form a team you have to have at least six players including the goalie. Some students play for the school and for a club year round, such as Tryston Blose.

“I’m excited because I get to play with my teammates again,” 11th grader Tryston Blose said. “There are no practices for clubs, but I enjoy playing for the school better.”

Indoor sports are much different from playing for the school. Indoor sports usually have turf field and walls, to make sure the ball doesn’t go out of bounds all the time. They also have different practice times, because athletes have more time. There are different rules and the fields are smaller than the ones used for outdoor sports.

There are also lacrosse teams being formed at the Diamond Sports Complex and the Jackson Sport Dome. There has never been any form of lacrosse team at Glenoak, so if students interested in lacrosse played during the winter they would establish a connection between players and the sport. This would make them ready for the new outdoor team being formed in the spring.

“I’m excited to get out on the field again,” 10th grader Jacob Wilson said. “It will be the same as outdoor but with slight differences, but I would enjoy playing for a club because it is more established.”

Some other winter sports include swimming, basketball, tennis, and wrestling. All winter sports allow you to stay in shape and play your sport during the winter.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]