Opinion: Thanksgiving; A time to be thankful

By Evan Norris, Staff Writer — Come Thanksgiving Day will you be watching Thanksgiving Day parades with your family in front of a turkey or will you be playing a game on your phone in your room?

While children grow into teenagers they tend to think that they are too cool and do not need to participate in holiday festivities as much as they did in previous years. Sometimes kids in our generation overlook Thanksgiving and its true meaning, instead they fast forward to Christmas and look forward to getting the presents they have wanted for so long.

Teenagers should embrace Thanksgiving and celebrate the true meaning.

According to popsugar.com surveys show that Thanksgiving is the most ambitious food day of the year. Even though that is true it is not just about eating food and getting off of school, it’s about being with family and appreciate everything you have. Eating delicious food in a warm home watching the parade or football is just a bonus.

Many kids tend to take what they have for granted, instead compare it to other people who aren’t as fortunate as you and put it into perspective.

In today’s generation being grateful is shown in many ways. One way is the Thanksgiving day parade. In the United States the Thanksgiving day parade is held in New York City. Through all the ballon flying and the performances the hosts still find a way to show and convince the viewers to how thankful and grateful they should be.

When people think of thanksgiving many forget of what it really is. We celebrate Thanksgiving because of the pilgrims and how they survived their long journey and showed thanks to the native americans. It then ended with a huge harvest festival.

Thanksgiving is the time where you hangout with family and show how thankful you are. I feel the school is lacking some of the holiday spirit and we should enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving not only at home but also throughout our school.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]