Students went to Cavs game for marketing competition

By Kyle Cusick, Staff Writer — The Principles Of Marketing Students went to the Quicken Loans Arena on Nov. 10 to attend a marketing competition for DECA and the Cleveland Cavaliers game.

“It was a nice get away and it was something new,” sophomore Blake Habyan said. “We got to hear from other kids from other schools.”

The kids in Amanda de Fays’ principles of marketing class have been working on presentations for a competition hosted by the DECA program. DECA is a program that helps prepare high school and college students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. This is the second straight year that de Fays has taken her students to the competition, and plans to continue it every year. The objective of the competition was to create a marketing pitch for a theme night idea for a Lake Erie Monsters game. Juniors and seniors from 25 different schools competed in the event. Although GlenOak did not win the competition, the students still learned many valuable points and ideas they had never thought about.

“I learned creative ideas from other schools point of views,” senior Alex Slifka said.

Not only did the students learn from other students all around Ohio, but they also were also introduced to new ideas from the marketing team for Quicken Loans Arena. They were taught about many aspects involving the marketing team’s job at Quicken Loans Arena.

“We learned many different ideas about marketing,” de Fays said. “They shared their backgrounds with us and described the many challenges they face while trying to promote for all the events.”

After the competition, the students went to the Tower City Center and shopped at the attached shopping mall. After shopping, the students attended the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the visiting New Orleans Pelicans. The Cavaliers won the game by a score of 118 to 111.

[Updated Aug. 8, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]