Opinion: Best Award Show

By Kendra Gastin, Staff Writer — Between the Grammy’s, Academy Awards, American Music Awards and many other award shows, you are guaranteed to find out what people are watching, listening, and praising now a days. These award shows acknowledge the best actors, actresses, movies and directors.

The shows reach a wide range of people from movie fans to music lovers. Award shows appeal to a wide audience. Some of the award shows include: The Academy Awards, The Grammys, The Golden Globes, The American Music Awards and many more.

This year, the shows’ hosts made things much more interesting. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, actresses from Saturday Night Live, had the honor of hosting the Golden Globes this year as a farwell. This was the last year that they would host after three consecutive years of hosting. As far as media award shows go, The Golden Globes is by far my favorite. This award show has lots of life to it. It is not like the Grammy’s where it’s boring and hard to stay awake during. Unlike the Golden Globes, the Grammy’s is taken very seriously and they are not very alive. The Golden Globes on the other hand is much more entertaining and less serious. People are able to have more fun while at and watching the Golden Globes.

When it comes to music, if you are a country fan, the Country Music Association Awards (CMT’s) is for you. This show presents the best of the best country singers and awards them for their hard work. If you enjoy all kinds of music then you should watch out for the American Music Awards (AMA’s) . Unlike the Video Music Awards, The American Music Awards showcases the best singers of that year in a much more appealing and classy way in my eyes.

Today there are many different award shows you can pick and choose to watch. I recommend The Golden Globes, CMT’s and AMA’s. Some of the other award shows fall short at keeping the audiences attention or have a dull host. Many factors go into having a successful award show. There are many award shows and you will not know which you will enjoy watching the most until you have seen them all.

[Updated Aug. 8, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]