Student produces web series over school musical

By Mykenzie and Caitlyn Watson, Staff Writers — Glenoak High School puts on shows every year. This year, they are doing the all school Shrek The Musical. Brandon Young was asked to do a four month web series that features the progression of the musical. Every episode takes the viewers around the Musical, showing them what it takes to put on the all school Musical each year. His web series is called Swamp Talk.

“The original idea for Swamp Talk came from Mr. Kieffer. He contacted Mr. Branch about the idea and he suggested my name to do it. Mr. Kieffer and I had a meeting to discuss the project and he explained to me what he wanted to do with it,” Young said.

Swamp Talk will be finished in March. Every Wednesday, a new online episode is released. In the episodes, viewers will be able to feel like they’re actually there with the cast and crew. The series allows viewers to have a personal experience with everything that goes on in the show.

“In the past, I have helped film and direct the choir concerts and even the all school musical last year. I have been involved in many videos about the school like, I Go To Public School and a commercial about GlenOak,” Young said. “But, something this big and posting weekly content is something I have never done before.”

Many people are coming up to him saying that they enjoy his show and it seems to be getting very good feedback.

“I do not appear on camera. I do mostly behind the scenes stuff. The on camera host is Morgan Brown. She introduces the episodes and introduces the person every week. She also helps me with interviewing the people that you see week-by-week. She also came up with the name of the show and helped me thinking who we should interview on the show,” Young said.

Morgan Brown also works on the show along with Brandon.

“Mr. Kieffer came up to me one day and said that he had an idea for an ‘American Idol’ type show for shrek, with me being ‘Ryan Seacrest’,” Brown said, “Brandon and I have a lot of fun.”

“I enjoy filming it very much. I have been in musicals and plays since 5th grade and it’s enjoyable to go back to roots and showcase something like this,” Brandon said. “In the past, I have seen behind the scenes specials for like movies, musicals, etc. And I am very happy that I get to do something like this during my senior year.”

The show covers the whole musical and what goes on behind the scenes and throughout the practices. Viewers can go to the school website to watch the weekly shows.

[Updated Aug. 8, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]