The lack of the use of lockers at the high school

By Brian Gupton, Staff Writer — 2176, is the number of lockers available to students in this building. Out of all these lockers how many students occupy them? The answer is not many.

Most students realize and see that lockers are available but most students neglect to use them. This could be because that this building is very large with two levels, and getting to class in three minutes is hard enough. Now add stopping at a locker in between periods, the trip to class would be very difficult.

Also, why should students use the lockers if they have backpacks which keeps all of that students things with them at one time.

However, some students need their locker like sophomore Hayden Grider.

“I use my locker to store my gym bag during football and lifting season,” Grider said.

Grider also said that once you get use to using your locker it is not annoying, and helps when you have heavy things to carry, like a project.

Another student, junior Donald Slomsky said that in his career tech they have to use their lockers.

“I have to use my locker for engineering to store our big drafting bag among other items,” Slomsky said.

These students have heavy objects to carry, but do any students use their lockers just to store their books.

Well, there are some students like junior Maria Vonortas who uses her locker.

“I don’t like carrying my stuff and since I’m so use to the routine of using my locker it is really simple,” Vonortas said.

Vonortas also said that her locker is in the middle of the school.

Other students absolutely detest lockers like Sophomore Shane Cooley.

“Lockers are a waste of our schools resources and I believe that they are pointless due to the fact I can use my bookbag,” Cooley said.

Most students said they do not and will not use their lockers. So, this leads to the question, do we need lockers. The answer is yes.

From the perspective of Senior Nick Golina, he thinks that even though most students do not use their lockers, we still need them for the kids who do.

In the end maybe lockers are not so bad, and could be a useful tool once you get into the habit of using them. So, maybe find out your locker combination and use it sometime.

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]