Freshmen boys win Federal League

By Taylor Rinehart — On Feb. 21, the freshman boys’ basketball team won the Freshman Federal League Championship against the Hoover Vikings, with a final score of 59-41.  The boys’ team worked hard to overcome their weakness as a team and to win the game.

“Our biggest weakness was getting upset with each other while on the court. After we overcame that we started to play better as a team and as a result won the game,” freshman Nathan Biedenbach said.

The team had some advantages over the opposing team as well, like their dedication to the game, teamwork and previous wins over the Vikings.

“The biggest advantage we had over the opposing team was that we beat them twice already during the regular season,” freshman Devin Fleming said.

Mentality was an important factor in the boys’ success. As a team, the boys worked to mentally prepare for the game by clearing their heads and focusing on their goal.

“Mentally I drained out anything that wasn’t related to the big game I was about to play in. I knew I had to be prepared not only physically, but mentally too,” Biedenbach said.

Freshman Ryan Bergert also worked hard to mentally prepare for the game.

“I listened to music and we had one big prayer together as a team to get our heads in the game,” Bergert said.

Although each player had their own pre-game routine, the boys’ team put in extra time on the court individually to ready themselves for the big game.

“I stayed in the gym after practice and did a lot of different drills to be ready,” freshman Jalen Foster said.

The Federal League title has been a goal for this team throughout their season.

“When we won the game, I was super excited and relieve because that had been our goal all season,” Bergert said.

The boys’ team looks forward into their upcoming years playing basketball and they have high hopes for their future progress.

“Over the following years, I think GlenOak basketball is going to progress and bring home more Federal League championships and, possibly, even win regionals and play in Ohio State’s arena,” Biedenbach said.

The team has grown to become a family and the players recognize that as one of their biggest advantages, on and off the court. For Foster, it is a reason he will continue playing basketball throughout his high school career.

“I have played basketball since I was three-years-old. I just love having a brotherhood atmosphere on and off the court,” Foster said.

The boys’ team will continue to push themselves as a team and strive for better seasons and higher titles in their future years playing basketball.

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]