Mike’s Place; a refuge for delicious food

By Dylan Porter, Opinion Editor — Upon pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, customers are greeted with an iconic prop; An X-Wing from the cinematic blockbuster series, Star Wars. Near the back of the restaurant, a replica castle tower stands, looming out over the horizon.

Entering the restaurant leads to an assault of your sensory perceptions; the smell of deliciously hot food and the sight of colorful posters and pin-ups adorning the walls near the register and waiting booth. Then, from behind a wooden podium, a voice; “How many in your party?”, the waitress asks. All of this, makes up some of the magic that is Mike’s Place.

Located in Kent, Ohio, Mike’s place is a little bit out of the way for most residents of the Canton area, especially when there are many dine-in restaurants located nearby. However, the atmosphere and quality of Mike’s Place make that longer drive well worth it.

Greeted by a friendly waitress upon entering, we had a short wait as it was a Saturday afternoon, around dinner time. After our wait was over, and our appetites monumentally increased due to the aroma of delicious food, we were seated at a clean, comfortable table inside and asked what beverages we would like.

Roughly five to ten minutes later, the waitress returned with our drinks and asked if we were ready to order. We ordered our food and about 15-25 minutes later, it arrived.

Everything was made to order as we had requested, and was still hot. Boasting a large menu with appetizers, breakfast (served all day), sandwiches, Italian and pizza, barbeque, soup, seafood, wings, kids, lean (which includes vegan/vegetarian options), and desserts, Mike’s Place has something to please everyone.

I ordered a “Meat Lovers breakfast burrito” off of the breakfast portion of the menu. Described as “Sausage, ham, American cheese and scrambled eggs wrapped in a warm flour tortilla served with hash browns and salsa”.

Not only was the food delicious, but the portion size left me with plenty to take home. Most meals and appetizers are also reasonably priced. Meals range from $5-$20, appetizers are about $5-$17.

Mike’s Place also has a very unique atmosphere, as alluded to earlier. Between the decor, huge variety of food, quality of the food, fair prices, and the amicability of the waiters and waitresses, I would strongly recommend a night out at Mike’s Place for several occasions. Whether it be a family fun night, date night, or simply a night out with friends, Mike’s Place can serve you the best of all worlds.

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]