Band chooses to focus efforts elsewhere

By Sydni Porter, Staff Writer — The high school’s marching band has a reputation of being one of the best bands in the Canton area, with proof to show.

The marching band has fought its way to the very top of the marching band food chain, winning the Battle of the Bands competition for three years in a row.

Since they won the 2014 competition, the marching band had the honor of leading the 2015 Hall of Fame parade in August.

“It takes a lot of skill to be leading the parade, it’s a lot of fun,” sophomore Jordan Mays said. “You also get done before the other bands, so that’s a plus.”

However, the band opted out of participation in the 2015 competition and wants to enjoy themselves more than ever this season.

“We just feel like there are a lot of other really great performances that we do, and we just wanted to focus on those more,” assistant director Kelsey Giotta said.

Over the summer, marching band students pushed through a two weeks of band camp in July, where they kicked their season into gear.

After the weeks of day-long practices, they switch to evening practices until the school year starts.

Practices then move to Monday and Thursday right after school until four.

The band participates in around 35-60 shows a season. Some of their recent events include two non-competitive showcases at Lake High School on Sept. 12 and at Stow High School on Sept. 19.

The band also performs at all of the varsity football games.

One of their largest performances, the Marching Band Concert, takes place Oct. 27, at the high school’s theater.

The show starts at seven in the evening, and the band will perform all of the songs they have played throughout the season.

“We’re less about competition, and more about entertaining our crowds,” Giotta said. “Our focus is to really teach our students to play and march well.”

Every hour, and every drop of sweat poured into practice and performing is completely worth it.

“I feel like band is something that I will stick with you, even after high school,” Bruder said. “It’s one of the best things I have ever done.”

The band can be spotted at many Plain Local events.

Between the football games, family fun days, pep rallies, and other events, the band aids in getting crowds pumped up and cheering.

“If you see the marching band, then you know something is going to happen. You can really see the audiences at games getting into our performances,” Mays said.

Both directors and performers alike are proud of their past wins and future accomplishments in the band.

“The reason the band is so successful is because the students take pride in what they do,” Giotta said.

The marching band plans to soar high this year at their various performances, sharing their love for music with the community.

Catch the eagles in their upcoming shows

Sept. 18 – GlenOak vs. Green at Green
Sept. 19 – Plain Local family Fun and Fit Day, and Stow High School Band Show
Sept. 25 – GlenOak vs. Jackson at GlenOak
Oct. 2 – GlenOak vs. St. Vincent St. Mary at GlenOak
Oct. 10 – GlenOak vs. Mckinley at GlenOak
Oct. 16 – GlenOak vs. Lake at GlenOak
Oct. 23 – GlenOak vs. Hoover at GlenOak
Oct. 27 – GlenOak Marching Band Concert and pot luck dinner.
Oct. 30 – GlenOak vs. Perry at Perry

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]