Students creates door designs for contest

BAM! Slam your doors closed and get ready to get creative. This was an effort by the principles and Mr. Hatcher to start an explosion of school spirit. The intention is to be superior to the other doors and flush out the competition.

The goals of this contest was to gain school spirit in a competitive way. During the month of October students will be participating in making doors throughout the halls. The doors will be in competition with each other to win a pizza party.

“I think it has raised school spirit combining competition and school spirit,” teacher Jill Collet said.

The school has been low on school spirit and has been trying to increase it. PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) were the creators of this plan to create school spirit. They are the people that come up with most of the school spirit ideas. Most of the supplies was donated by art teachers and from what teachers had with them.

“The sophomores have been setting a great example of school spirit having the most spirit I have seen in the last ten years,” spanish teacher Tara Cerrezuela said.

According to Jerad Buck, since this activity most of the teachers have been noticing a rise in school spirit activity. This is only one plan for school spirit. PBIS will be sprinkling more contests and pep rallies throughout the year to spread school spirit. Not only are the adults spreading the word but student council is also getting involved in many different ways by spreading the positive energy.

“This was not only good for raising school spirit but bonding between the students,” spanish teacher Pamela Dentler said.

Most of the students stick to the other students they usually know. This contest helped students meet other students in a competitive way.

“Along with competition, the main reason we did this was the pizza, well at least our class,” Dentler said.

Along with the great feeling of beating other classes in the door contest you also get a pizza party. The door design contest will be judged by Brent May and Mike Labriola.

“We wanted to spread spirit through social media and what’s better than twitter,” sophomore Matthew Elsfelder said.

The doors were a way to express yourself while using school spirit. There are multiple ways this was used. Elsfelder and his class decided to create a door that had every classmates twitter name on it.

Other doors were just made based on the class. For example Heather Corey is a chemistry teacher at the school and had a door that said don’t be a Boron. A boron is an element which is used in chemistry.

“The only two problems we were materials and time,” Collet said.

This event did have some disadvantages. For example most classes only had what the teachers gave to them. Also there was barely any time to create the doors and be creative with the ideas because of the little time given. Many classes had to cut into the main class time to finish their doors.

“Pizza was our motivation and we wanted to stick to Glenoak and who we were as a class,” winning teacher Alyssa Kobasic said.

Kobasic was the teacher to win the door contest. Kobasic’s class brought in their own material and took their time to make this first place door.

“It was a blast creating this door and I hope they do more things like this,” sophomore Corvay Chapman said.

This was only one attempt to raise school spirit. There will be more events coming throughout the year.

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]