Offensive line makes nick names for themselves

By Josh Johnson — From blocking plays to keeping the quarterback safe, the offensive linemen do it all. These linemen aren’t just regular old linemen, they are the infamous “Thick Squad.”

The name came from Senior Austin Wayt, he came up with the name his freshman year.

“We created Thick Squad to create a feeling of family on and off the fields.” Senior Linemen Johnny Todd said.

On the field you usually just notice the quarterback or the wide receiver, but what the linemen do is one of the most important jobs on the field.

“Being known as thick squad gives us a brand name, it gives us the opportunity to be more than ordinary lineman,” Todd said.

The name is not saying that they are fat, it is saying that they are hard to get through, they are a wall that can not be penetrated by the other team.

“I think it is great that they have come up with a brand name, it gives them more purpose than just the field, they have fans,” offensive coordinator Robert Peterolli said

“The name is a great thing on and off the field, but we already play as hard as we can and the name doesn’t make us play harder,” Mathie said.

Over all the linemen have showed that they aren’t just any old linemen, they have proven themselves time after time that they deserve the name they have given themselves.

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]