Update on the Environmental club

By Graham Hess — Since October, interest in the high school’s Save Our World Club has increased significantly. The club’s leader, Amanda Houdeschell, is excited about the club’s ongoing activities and the spike in membership.

The Save Our World Club has grown to 50 members. There have been three meetings since October.

“Each meeting is different, with a different activity. For example, we’ve had a speaker come talk about plastic recycling during a meeting,” Houdeschell said.

The Save Our World Club also has activities outside of meetings. They have had a Halloween Party and Litter Cleanup Event. The Save Our World Club is actively trying to make the high school and the community clean and environmentally minded.

“We have an ongoing campaign for collecting plastic bottle caps to send to an organization that makes them into benches, which members and nonmembers alike are participating in,” Houdeschell said.

Teachers are getting involved in the Save Our World Club too.

“I’m impressed by the students ideas and their excitement for helping the environment,” SOW Advisor Megan Bird said.

The members of the Save Our World Club have become the champions of the Environmental cause, striking a blow for conservation in the High School. Amanda Houdeschell is excited about the future of the club.

“Save Our World Cub is going to continue for years to come even though I’m graduating this year, and I’m confident that our members are going to make a difference throughout their lives,” Houdeschell said.

The Save Our World Club wants to make a significant difference in the community and serve as a valuable learning opportunity for it’s members.

[Updated Aug. 12, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]