School Ski Club on the Rise

Starting January 9 through February 6, plan on seeing GlenOak students out hitting the slopes at Boston Mills Ski Resort in Cuyahoga Valley. Every Saturday night, advisers Stephanie Werren, Kurt Werren and Tim Bury take out a group of students to go skiing and snowboarding. Ski club takes a charter bus up to Boston Mills Ski Resort.

“I think it keeps people active and busy on a saturday night. Getting fresh air and exercise “, Stephanie Werren said.

To join it costs $200 if you need to rent equipment and $150 if you already own. The fee also comes with a lift pass for Saturday nights and 5 $10 passes which also includes equipment rental. If you want to ride the bus, it is an extra $80 but there is always the option to drive yourself up there . Since ski club is already almost over, you can not still join. But a member can always give one of their $10 passes to someone. Every year the Ski club tries to take everyone up to Holiday Valley in New York for a day trip if there are enough people or advisors.

After a 40 minute trek to Boston Mills, the students get ready and to hit the slopes. From around 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., students are free to ski and snowboard to their hearts desire. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding and need some help, lessons are provided all throughout the night. Lessons rage from all different levels and are provided to everyone.

“I have never snowboarded so I took a lesson the first night and picked it up pretty quickly,” Logan Crawfis said.

Spending 40 minutes on the bus there and back, students get a lot of bonding time. After the night ends, students get back on the bus and get ready for the next week to come.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]