Girls’ bowling team has a successful season

By Evan Norris, Staff Writer — As spring sports are around the corner, students are saying goodbyes to winter sports. One sport in particular has finished the year on a positive note: the girls’ bowling team.

The girls bowling team finished the year off with a record of 12-5. The team consists of Gina Monnot, Kaylee Blackburn, Carly Blackburn, Brianna Zerkman, Mara Anderson, Sarah Reid, Kourtney Cordia and Tori Heckman.

When it comes to matches and practices, the girls bowling team hosts both their matches and practices at Park Centre Lanes. The team has practice almost everyday after school.

Bowling can be both a social activity and a competitive sport. Each player has a different reason for participating in the sport of bowling.

“I bowl for the high school because my grandparents used to bowl and were both very highly decorated bowlers,” senior Gina Monnot said.

In bowling, the highest score for a bowler to achieve is a 300. In order for someone to reach that goal, the contestant must bowl 12 straight strikes in a row. The odds of non professional bowlers to roll a perfect game is very low.

“My best bowling score, out of all the times I have bowled is a 246,” Monnot said.

The players that will be returning next year are Sarah Reid and Tori Heckman.

“I believe the team will be good next year because the underclassmen on the team have been working really hard to get better for next year’s season,” senior Kaylee Blackburn said.

Although the girls bowling team finished the year off with a record of 12-5, the team fell short to the Federal League girls bowling champions, Perry High School. Although the team fell short this year from winning the title, the team did beat a big rival.

“Our biggest win this year for the team, was Jackson because they are our biggest rivals,” Blackburn said.

Next season the girls bowling team will be losing seven seniors who played on varsity.

“What made this team so enjoyable this year was how the entire team was almost like a big family,” Blackburn said.

The girls on the team this year believed that the key to the team’s success was the encouragement and support we gave each other.

“If someone would miss a spare we would tell them to leave it there and make a good shot the next ball, or we would tell each other advice, on where to stand and where to throw the ball,” Monnot said.

The bonds that the players have built between each other during this season are unforgettable. They have created amazing friendships and will remember this season forever.

“The friendships I have made through bowling are very special to me,” Monnot said.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]