Selfie Page in the Year Book


By Mannah RiceHughes, Staff Writer — “Let me see your best selfie.”

Students have noticed these flyers in the high school asking for students to send in their selfies to the yearbook staff; however some are unsure what it is for.

The yearbook will be using the collected photos for a yearbook page about selfies. The staff thought of the selfie page when they discovered there was an extra feature page that had not been filled. The idea came from yearbook adviser Angela Spano when the staff was brainstorming what to fill the page with.

“We realized we had an extra page and the original idea was to put kids tweets there,” Spano said. “But I complained that it did not go with the theme of the yearbook and the selfie page was born.”

Yearbook themes change every year. This year’s theme is “Picture This”. Yearbook students have worked to incorporate the theme into the yearbook through design, pictures and copy.

This idea was thought of and designed in 15 minutes by the staff and was said to be the fastest a page has come together ever. It is going to be a collage of all the students’ selfies that have been sent in. There are personal selfies and selfies with friends. The pages are organized to show the different kinds of selfies or the best ways to take them. There is a specific column for “bathroom selfies”.

For the pages to be completely filled, the staff is hoping to acquire 200 selfies or more. As of now they have 50. Selfies can still be sent to yearbook co-editor Maria Vonortas until the end of April.

“We want students who maybe are not pictured anywhere else to have an opportunity to be involved,” Spano said.

This page is meant to be interactive for students so they can send in whatever photos they choose and feel involved. Vonortas is in charge of this page and has a lot of faith in its success.

“I believe 100 percent that this page will be successful, especially when everyone starts sending them,” Vonortas said. “I think the finished product will be fabulous.”

The idea of the selfie has gotten so large that even iphone has included it in the photos. There is an album called selfies where pictures taken with the front camera automatically go. This fad of the selfie is what makes this page a good idea for the yearbook. This generation of students may not see it as a fad but adults know it is.

“The thing that students don’t understand is that trends go away. I don’t think selfies will be as prevalent in 10 years as they are today,” Spano said.

Just like pagers and silly bands Spano believes the selfie will fade and become an object of the past. Having this section in the yearbook will remind students when they are adults of the silly things they used to do.

“It will remind them of how “selfies” during our high school career was the trend of our year,” Vonortas said.

The selfie page may or may not continue in the years to come. It depends on if the page is successful and if the page matches with next year’s yearbook theme. Selfies are still being accepted and can be sent to Maria Vonortas at [email protected]. It is not too late to make sure you are included in the infamous selfie page of the yearbook.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]