Senior Sarah Seatter begins participating in triathlons after being dared by a friend

By Ellie Schiltz, Editor-in-Chief — It was May of 2016, and senior Sarah Seatter didn’t know how to swim. Three months later, she took second place overall in the Vermilion Harbour Triathlon.

Seatter’s determination to finish such a physically demanding task spouted from a heated conversation she had with graduate Hannah Watson last year.

“We were talking one day and she said I wouldn’t be able to complete a triathlon,” Seatter said. “Her saying that just gave me the motivation to prove her wrong.”

Staying true to her word, Seatter began a rigorous circuit of strength and cardio. The first -and most significant- step she took in pushing towards her goal was enrolling in swim classes at the YMCA, where she learned the basics and gained confidence in the water. She added swimming into her daily trifecta of workouts over the summer, which also included running and cycling. Mornings meant waking up early for laps at the Y, and afternoons for a run or ride.

There’s never a day where she truly goes without training; even when she isn’t hitting the pavement or the pool, she’s out on the field with the softball team.

“I’ve really been inspired by a favorite YouTuber of mine [Casey Neistat],” Seatter said. “He always says ‘Do More’ and I try to follow that motto everyday.”

“Doing more” truly paid off for her over the summer. Her first triathlon took place in Vermilion, Ohio, about an hour and a half northwest of Canton. The course began with a 250 yard swim, followed by a seven mile bike ride and two mile run. Out of 173 athletes from all age groups, Seatter finished with a second place win and overall time of 00:55:55.91, especially considering her relative infancy in the sport. Within her age group of 15-19 years, she managed a first place win.

Despite this incredible start to her triathlon success, her silver medal grab wasn’t her proudest moment.

“Honestly, I’m just really proud of myself for learning how to swim,” Seatter said.

Seatter completed her second triathlon on Sept. 18 at Portage Lakes State Park, receiving eighth place overall and first in her age group. She finished with another amazing time of 01:02:13.41. Going forward, she hopes to continue to train and participate in triathlons through the season and truly become a Golden Eagle with her first place wins.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]