Golf Team Better than Ever

By Ryan Haymaker, Staff Writer — There is a new dominating sports team at GlenOak high school. With a record of 3-3, the boys golf team is playing better than ever.

The golf team’s drastic improvement from last year is due to the addition of three new key players, which includes senior Jake Allensworth, freshman Alec Adcock and freshman Brandon Jatich.

“The three new members of the golf team have been a huge attribute to the team’s success,” captain Evan Norris said

It’s never too late to start playing a new sport. This is proved by Allensworth, who has only played golf recreationally with his friends.

“I joined the team because, Coach Ziggler has always insisted I should join, and through practice from playing recreational golf I got better and realized I could be a strong member on the team,” Allensworth said.

For high school golf teams are scored on how well the team’s top four players do in that match. This is why having three new players that are playing consistent high quality golf is a crucial part of the team’s success. Without the new members the team wouldn’t be able to make the same competitive stance that they are showing now.

Adcock and Jatich were both forced to make a tough transition from playing middle school golf to playing golf at the varsity level.

“The transition was tough because there is now better competition and a lot more work to do,” Adcock said “It’s also nerve racking to be playing at such a high level as a freshman.”

“High shcool golf is harder because now there is a lot more pressure than before. I want to perform the best I can so I don’t let down my teammates.” said Brandon Jatich “I was much more nervous at the beginning of the season. Now I am becoming more confident in myself and used to the new environment.

Playing at a higher and more difficult level is hard on any player but, Adcock and Jatich have both done a phenomenal job at adapting to the highschool level of competition.

“This year our goal for the golf team is to try to make states, and to make a run in the competition,” Jatich said

Buckley believes that the golf team is able to achieve the difficult goal of making a run in states. This is a challenging yet possible goal for them to reach this season.

“Having two great freshman players will help set the team up to do well for the next few years,” junior Gavin Buckley said.

The team has gone off on a great start and will hopefully do well for the remainder of the year.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]