Students and staff unhappy with air conditioning

By Robbie Jamison, Feature Editor — With the fall season underway and the constant change of the weather and temperature, students are drawn on what to wear to school. However, there is a new factor impacting this: the school’s inconsistent and unpredictable air conditioning unit.

In certain rooms across the whole building, it is apparent the temperatures vary. In most of the downstairs classrooms the temperature tends to be cold, very cold. However, the majority of the upstairs classrooms are uncomfortably hot. Not only this, but classrooms on the south side of the building (facing the fire station) are also hot because of the direct sunlight seeping through. Many teachers are distraught over this because they have to spend the whole day in their uncomfortably cold or hot classrooms.

“The air is fixed and no one has control over the room temperature, it feels like Antarctica in my room year round,” Spanish teacher Señora Cerrezuela said.

Many students want to dress lightly for the remainder of the warm weather, but are forced to dress like it is the middle of January.

“Most days I wear hoodies or jackets because my classrooms are freezing, but when I go outside it’s 75 degrees and sunny,” junior Hayleigh Murphy said.

Some schools in the local area such as Massillon do not even have proper air conditioning. At the beginning of the school year, Massillon had to cancel school on a 90 degree day because the inside of the school was too hot.

Fortunately, this is not the case in our building, it just boils down to the fact that the building is so large and that the temperature is never going to be consistent across the wings. There are certain methods teachers use to make the best out of their cold rooms.

“I take bags of ice and place them on the thermostat so the room appears to be cold, that way we get more heat and everyone is happy,” math teacher Maria Speakman said.

Some teachers implement a more traditional method of keeping their rooms comfortable.

“I open the windows when it is cold in my room to bring in the warm air from outside because it is warmer outside than in my room,” Spanish teacher Señora Strayer said.

Moving to the latter half of this fall season, students are dressing corresponding to the weather. This makes the cold rooms acceptable, but the upstairs rooms are scorching hot and uncomfortable.

“I cannot even wear light colored shirts on B days because one of my classrooms is so hot I sweat through them,” senior Jake Nelson said.

This is a serious problem for certain students because some can not focus when they are cold.

“I cannot focus when I have goosebumps on my whole body and have to rub my hands together the whole class,” junior Cedric Harfouche said.

The air conditioning is a major issue now but will be put to the side during the winter months. The main reason it is inconsistent now is because the unpredictable weather, but in the winter it is consistently cold.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]