Students paint snow plows

It is November. Most people are expecting turkey, potatoes, pie, stuffing and more. The art students, however, are expecting snow plows.

The art students got together to paint snow plows last spring for a painting competition for the Ohio Department of Transportation. This year, they were asked to recreate the concept but for Plain Local School’s snow plows.

Seniors Ciara O’Connor, Dylan Heaton and juniors Jenna Ritchey, Meghan McCracken and Iszy Ucker all got together and collaborated to paint the plows.

“It was really fun! I stayed after school three times that week and me and Iszy and Meghan just had a blast,” Ritchey said.

The theme for last year’s plows was Game of Thrones saying The Winter Is Coming as a play on words from the show and the fact that it was going to be on a snow plow.

“We did The Winter Is Coming theme which ironically enough. It was in May when we did this. We ended up having snow that weekend,” art teacher Jill Balderson said.

This year the art department decided to keep it GlenOak themed. Balderson’s students put a giant eagle on the plow. The other students from Darla Coppa’s Ceramics class did a snowy theme with a snowman that looks like it’s been knocked over by the snow plow.

“We wanted to go for something that was more GlenOak themed so we took an eagle and made it a winter theme. So we included snow on the sides of the eagle’s face and such,” McCracken said.

They were all proud of the work they accomplished on the plows for the community.

“I’m really proud of it. Sometimes it’s really hard to cooperate with artists because you have different ideas but the three of us pretty much did a really good job at it,” Ritchey said.

When asked if they would do it again, they all agreed that they would do it again in the future.

You can see these snow plows on the vehicles plowing our school’s parking lots for the school district this winter.

[Updated Aug. 19, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]