Saran Wrap people deck the halls of GlenOak

By Mannah RiceHughes, News Editor — Walking down the hallways of GlenOak High School is a new adventure every day. You never know what you are going to see. In this case, saran wrap figures placed around the building were a sight that caught a lot of students’ attention. Placed in almost all the commons, main hallway, the ceiling and more.

This project was created by art teacher Tabaitha Illes’ third period sculpture class. This class meets every day for 45 minutes and is very small. Although this class created the project, Illes was not around for the making of the projects. Illes was out of class due to maternity leave and the students were left in the hands of a substitute teacher.

Student Anthony Coates was the originator of the saran wrap people idea. The goal was to make different shapes that looked realistic. The projects were made to look like actual people doing activities. This was achieved by actually wrapping another person in the materials to create the shape.

Once the idea was formed, the students got to work. They started by picking random poses they wanted to use for their figures. It was not easy according to the students.

“Getting poses to stand was the hardest part,” senior Steve Gilbert said. “It was hard to get the midsection to stay together.”

The students used trial and error to figure out which poses were going to work the best. Once the final poses were chosen, it was time to create. Students first wrapped each other in saran wrap and packing tape to form the shape. Then they stuffed the shapes with newspaper for better structure and to add an extra element when looking at the structures.

To created certain shaped such as the head, the students had to get creative. While wrapping the student’s head, the person being wrapped had multiple straws in their mouth to maintain breathing while being wrapped in the materials.

Once the structures were completed, the students had to decide where they wanted to display their art around the school. They chose places they thought would be the most visible, where the art would really be on display. The most controversial placement being the main hallway.

The figure was placed on the pole for support in the middle of the hallway for all to see. Although this placement shocked some people. To some the figure was seen as inappropriate which the class did not understand. The placement of all the structures were approved by an administrator before placement.

This project was one the students really enjoyed apart from the tedious work. It was one they all claimed to be one of their favorites.

“It was fun, it took a really long time though,” junior Mikaela Henderson said. “It was a very tedious project.”

Although Illes did not get to create these structures with the class, she knows how much they enjoyed it. This assignment was also not graded by Illes , it was all left up to Wise.

The structures have since been taken down but they were noticed by all. These pieces of art placed around the school were something this small class took a lot of pride in. Tedious work and effort was put into the creations of these figures and the students enjoyed the originality of the work. The class is hopeful their work received the attention they wanted it to and are proud of what they have accomplished.

“It was so fun, everyone had a good time doing it,” sophomore Serrina McFerren said. “It brought the class together.”

[Updated Aug. 20, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]