Students create micro businesses for class

By Ryan Meister, Staff Writer — Imagine going to school but instead of coming to do normal work like other students, the students are getting paid to work and making a profit.

There is something unique that is going on with students in the High School of Business. There are three groups, each who have created their own business and are currently in the process of starting them up to make a profit. The business class has partnered with Junior Achievement to run student created companies.

“It’s kind of like Shark Tank,” business teacher Amanda deFays said. “The kids actually put up a business and then they pitch for money and we can get up to $600 through Junior Achievement.”

The students have already pitched their ideas and got bank accounts set up in the name of their business. The money they got for their startups was put into their bank account. They can use the money for advertising and for their business. They’ll pay back the money and hopefully earn a profit in the process.

The project was already being used in other Stark County schools through Junior Achievement. The program is designed for use in senior classes so they can use all their knowledge from being in business the previous years to help their business, such as learning about marketing and finance.

The three companies that were created are Premier Plaques, Help a School Out (HASO), and Go Connexions.

Go Connexions was designed to help the community get in touch with students in different Career-Technical Programs at our school. For a small fee, they will find students to help fulfill any of the different needs that might be needed around the community. Such as photography, video production, graphic animation, and design, marketing and horticulture/ landscaping.

HASO is a business to help promote school spirit and unity in grades kindergarten through 8th through a unique design of a GlenOak t-shirt. The shirt will have a message of unity on the back and will have long sleeve and short sleeve options. The school that orders the most t-shirts will win the “Eagle Spirit” trophy. Fifty percent of proceeds will go back to each school to help promote school spirit.

“The shirt is a GlenOak themed with unity since we are all so diverse,” senior Zachary Kolarkk said. “We’re just trying to unite everybody.”

Premier Plaques is a business that makes customizable professional plaques for business, sports teams and awards. The plaques available are only $12 per plaque with a quick production time.

“The plaques are 100 percent customizable,” senior Parker Flaherty said. “They can put whatever they want on them. They have the ability to make it to what they want with different colors and stickers, for a low cost.”

The businesses will be running until the end of April. Contact[email protected] (GO Connexions);[email protected] (HASO);[email protected] (Premier Plaques) to get more information if youŕe interested in their products.

“We have some really good companies with some really good kids,” de Fays said.

[Updated Aug. 20, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]