Video Production students help film OETC

By Jonah Nieschwitz, Staff Writer — OETC. The Ohio Educational Technology Conference. Where over 4,000 technology enthusiasts go to meet each year. From Feb. 13-16, teachers, professors, administrators and anyone who is interested in the conference will be exploring new fields of technology and discovering how to integrate them into their curriculums.

Some members of the Video Production Career Tech will be attending, but not necessarily for the show, but rather to film. Led by Video Production teacher Josh Branch, a group of six students will be travelling down to the Columbus Convention Center in order to record footage of the event.

“Our role is to produce a documentary video for the conference themselves that they can use for promotion next year,” Branch said. “Additionally, while we’re down there, we will be demoing various equipment manufacturer’s gear so that technology leaders and various schools districts across the State of Ohio and beyond can see how these pieces of equipment work in a real world setting. Or see how video production programs such as ours prepare students for real world opportunities.”

The students, including (Just to name a few) senior DJ Cummins, juniors Austin Westbrook, Kathleen Carroll and Emma Kirkbride, will be collaborating with Hoover High School, and a number of students from there will also be attending. They will all be travelling down in Hoover’s Mobile Storyteller which Branch described as “a video studio on wheels”, which includes various equipment for recording such as cameras and tripods.

With general sessions, breakout sessions, speakers, and exhibits all around, the conference is packed with things to do, and record. It is needless to say that the video production students will have their work cut out for them. Or perhaps, edited out for them?

[Updated Aug. 20, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]