Plain Local Schools holds annual Family Fun Day

Plain Local Schools holds annual Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day offered many fun and exciting free opportunities for children and their families to participate in Families could interact in lots of different things such as the pancake breakfast, the dunk tank and getting their nails done by the students in cosmetology.

Family Fun Day was on Sept. 16 from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. The pancake breakfast was held by the Plain Township Rotary Club. Tickets were sold at the door, a ticket for an adult was $6 and a ticket for a child was $4.

The pancake breakfast had no limitations on how many pancakes someone got and offered a choice of orange juice or coffee to drink. Overall, the pancake breakfast had a successful turnout and many families enjoyed themselves.

“I really enjoyed the pancake breakfast and it was a lot of fun,” senior Paige Cook said.

This day offered the younger kids a chance to see what sport they may be interested in. All sports were selling attire in various sizes. The lacrosse and soccer teams offered lessons on showing the students how to play through obstacle courses or learning from someone who played the sport.

“It was tons of fun helping and watching the little kids get super excited when they threw the ball and caught it,” junior Ceci Morgan said. “Even helping the kids in high school was a ton of fun.”

Some of the other opportunities allowed students to see what subjects they may be interested in. Science club had tables set up where families could learn how to make slime, learn science terms and play with sand.

“I thought the science table went really well,” junior Oceiana Bond said. “Kids and parents were both joining in and I enjoyed the activities offered because I loved seeing everyone working together to create.”

Families could also participate in the dance party that took place in the theater. The theater had glow sticks, music playing and a disco ball going so anyone could get on stage and dance.

“This was a very fun experience overall with all the many different clubs and groups that you could check out,” junior Evan Flaherty said.

Families could also participate in activities outside such as the color run, water walk and dunk tank. The dunk tank featured a rotating cast of staff members from every school within the Plain Local District. Anyone had the chance to throw three balls and see if they could hit the target that sent the person into the water below their seat.

“It is a great way to get volunteer hours and it gives students a great opportunity to connect with their community,” junior Zack Goodman said.

Family Fun Day offered opportunities for families to learn about and engage in.