Librarian runs bookswap during lunch

Librarian runs bookswap during lunch

For the past few years, librarian Angela Koehler has been running a monthly bookswap in the cafeteria during the lunch periods. She loads up a cart with books that she feels the students will enjoy that the library does not use anymore.

“Books are so expensive, this is just a great way to get books,” senior Skyler Rogers said.

Book prices have continued to rise since 1997, and skyrocketed in 2014 when it rose a whopping 7.4 percent. This is why the books at the swap are free.

Students are encouraged to bring their own books, but they are not required to bring them. They are allowed to take as many as they like.

“I have a bunch at home I still need to read, but I just love getting new books,” Rogers said.

The bookswap started just to get kids reading, as new books are often expensive. Many kids do not get the chance to buy new books.

“I just wanted to help get kids reading,” Koehler said.