Comic artist Rich Perrotta speaks about life and career

Comic artist Rich Perrotta speaks about life and career

When comic book creator Rich Perrotta was 12 years old, he picked up a single copy of an X-Men comic book. That small choice young Perrotta made ended up giving him his passion, and his career.

Perrotta spoke at GlenOak High School on Sept. 26 during the school day and after school. He gave out tips and tricks for being a successful artist, and gave the details of the life you must live in order to succeed in the comic book industry.

“It is torture, it is big fat torture,” Perrotta said.

Perrotta has worked for Marvel comics, DC comics, and for Inverse Press. Each piece of art he makes for a comic will be unique, and timely.

“There will be times where you will see me at the drafting table for 12 hours straight and I do not take holidays off,” Perrotta said.

So how did we get Perrotta to speak at GlenOak? For this, we can thank librarian Angela Koehler.

“I had actually met Rich while I was on my way back to Ohio from spending time with my daughter in Maryland,” Koehler said. “He was drawing some pages for a comic he was working on at the time and we had talked about what he does and I told him I thought the GlenOak students would love to be able to meet and talk with him.”

This was the beginning of the idea of Perrotta to come speak for students at GlenOak.

Perrotta gave the students insight on drawing style, time until completion, and the money he makes. Perrotta summed up his presentation with a lesson about life, and he stressed the importance of perseverance.

“If you really want to do this, or anything in life, and you love it more than anything in this world, do not stop and pursue it with everything you have got,” Perrotta said.