Date set for Job Fair

Date set for Job Fair

Statewide, the unemployment rate according to was 5.4 percent as of Aug. 2017.

To help the students and community members of Plain, the High School of Business is hosting its very first job fair on Nov. 15.

The point of this job fair is to match employers with students or members of the community who are looking for entry level, part-time or seasonal jobs.

“There’s so many employers that are contacting us looking for workers, and there seem to be a lot of students looking for jobs, as well as community members,” teacher Amanda de Fays said. “We are bringing the employers to you, and all you have to do is show up and be prepared.”

But the idea of this job fair was not solely created by de Fays. She said that her students in her business class were the ones to brainstorm this idea.

“My senior students put on a non profit project every year to give back to the community, like in the past we raked leaves,” de Fays said. “But this time they wanted to do something more meaningful.”

Senior Gavin Buckley was the main student who brainstormed and created this idea.

“Our high school of business in previous years did leaf raking, but this year we wanted to focus on something that would benefit the entire community,” Buckley said. “I came up with the idea of a job fair. I thought it would help people in the community find jobs and also help students find jobs as well.

The senior business students are going to be helping set up and carry out the job fair, since this will count as a project for their class.

Currently, there are 12 companies that are scheduled to come to the Job Fair. These companies include Danbury, Gervasi, St. Luke’s Nursing Home, Walmart, Giant Eagle, Sears, Ohio Gratings, McDonald’s, Grifols, Ameridial, Koch Knight and Absolute Pharmacy, Inc.

As listed, there are many opportunities for employment, but there are some things to keep in mind. One important thing to remember for this job fair is to come prepared.

There are several things that each person needs to bring; several printed copies of your resume, a list of references with contact information, previous employment history, pen for paper applications, and paper for taking notes.

Along with coming prepared with the proper resources, what to wear is another important part of possibly getting hired by an employer. Dress as if you are going on a job interview. Clothing should be neat and clean, and jeans should not be worn. Wear business casual clothing. The way a person dresses can determine whether or not they get hired, so wearing the correct clothing can be very important.

While there were many things listed about what a person should bring and what they should do to be prepared for the job fair, there are also many things to avoid doing.

Firstly, do not bring backpacks, bags or other large items. Carry your papers in a folder or a portfolio.

Secondly, do not walk around with your group of friends. Interact with employers by yourself.

Thirdly, do not go to the Job Fair without your resume or employment information. And lastly, know something about the employer and their opportunities before approaching the table.

The Job Fair will take place on Nov. 15 from 5-7 PM. If there are any questions, students can find papers with the information in their student success rooms, and anyone can visit de Fays’s website at The information will be on the left side of the website, labeled Plain Job Fair.

de Fays hopes to see a lot of people at the job fair, and hopes to help people throughout the community.