Senior documents football season

Senior documents football season

On Friday nights, many students go to the football games. They watch the team, hang out with friends or just enjoy the atmosphere. However, one student dedicates that time at the game to to create lasting memories for all to see.

Scott Eberling is a senior student who is enrolled in the Video Production course. Eberling aims to get a job involved in that field  after he gets out of school. To do that, he is trying to get in as much practice as he can before he leaves.

Eberling decided to film the school’s football games independently from any assigned school projects. He uses is a Nikon DSLR to film, along with a shotgun mic and a monopod. The biggest difference is not what equipment he uses, but rather the impact his final product has.

He is recording videos of the team’s warmups and pregames, while also getting footage of the players in locker room.  Viewers can see the players hyping themselves up before their games, and more behind the scenes footage. When Eberling is filming, he tries to deviate from the types of shots normally taken.

“The reason I started doing this was to create something different than what we usually do,” Eberling said. “Normally when filming sports we do just a tracking shot of the games. But I wanted to do something that’s filmed more like a movie is.”

Eberling has done exactly what he set out to do. The style that his videos utilize closely resembles that of a cinematic scene from a Hollywood trailer.There is more to his videos than just recordings of football games.

“Scott’s videos are fantastic,” video production teacher Joshua Branch said. “They are some of the best examples of professional, high-quality content that the Video Production program outputs on a regular basis.”

The quality of his work can be attributed to several factors. Some of the things one might see in his videos are: music that sets the tone, footage of fans and players, voiceovers by players, shots of the bleachers packed with excited fans, shots that pan over the field and team, a player’s inspirational speech to pump the team up before a game, videos that play out much like a music video.

“I wanted to make an impression on people,” Eberling said. “I wanted to make something that I could be remembered for after I left.”

Aside from filming the football team in high quality and unique ways, Eberling also tries to elicit feelings out of the viewers with his work. One video can get the viewer pumped up and excited, while another aims to bring out pride for the school. Even when they are focused around a game which the school lost, Eberling still manages to turn it on its head by sending out an inspirational message to get people ready for the next game. One word that could describe his videos is heart.

“I thought the videos were awesome and really gave us something to stand out,” varsity football player Dean Sarris said. “There are not many high school football teams that get videos like that. For him to take time out of his day to come make these videos for our football program meant a lot to the whole team.”

The amount of work that Eberling puts into them shows that he really cares about what he does. To date, he has only created videos for the football team, but all of the videos that have been made are posted on his twitter account, so people can check them out at any time at @sCODeYT.