New community liaison comes to high school

New community liaison comes to high school

After years of having a community liaison in the elementary school level, Plain Local Schools has implemented more resources by adding a community liaison to the high school.

Each elementary school has a community liaison, and their job is to meet and fulfill the needs of the students that hinder the students learning. Liaisons also bridge the gap between parents and students, by offering alternative conference settings and offer different resources for students throughout the year.

Adena Beach is located in C-103, which is an easily accessible room for all students who would need assistance. Beach is here to help with those non academic barriers, like food and clothing and health care, as well as housing. Thanksgiving meals were the first large task Beach had to accomplish and there will also be assistance with Christmas gifts, as well as Food for over the holidays.

“Sometimes people may think that GlenOak High School students are not in need, but they do need the help and I hope to be the voice for those students,” Beach said.

With 1 in 4 kids in Plain Local are food insecure and over 40 percent of the district participates in the free and reduced lunch program, while these programs may seem like invisible problems to many, these problems need a voice and Beach is here to provide support and encouragement to these students.

“I hope to build relationships with students and the community in order to have help for our students,” Beach said.

Students should not be afraid to ask for help, say hi or carry on a conversation with her. If a student does not feel comfortable going to someone new, students could contact a teacher that they feel comfortable with, and the teacher can make contact with Beach and get the resources they need.

“The staff here at GlenOak has been supportive and I appreciate all they do,” Beach said.