REVIEW: Justice League is an enjoyable, but flawed movie

REVIEW: Justice League is an enjoyable, but flawed movie

In a heated competition with Marvel Studios, DC comics has been struggling to create another movie that can be ranked as well as Marvel movies, such as The Avengers. With a lineup of Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, DC’s aspirations have not looked too bright, with the exception of Wonder Woman. Justice League is one that ranks in between the two groups.

Justice League is the DC equivalent of an Avengers film and is similar in outline. The plot is fairly similar in the sense of a group superhero movie fighting a much more powerful foe. The group of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash are challenged with conquering Steppenwolf, a dark lord bent on destroying Earth with three cubes that hold ancient power.

The plot as I said was fairly basic, but the movie gets its charm through a twist at the end with the return of Superman to destroy Steppenwolf. This created a much better feel to the movie, but at the same time proved that the problem at hand is that the Justice League is weak. Not a very good thing to show in a movie completely based around the Justice League.

The real problems I had with this movie were the overly-quirky Flash, the Superman subplot, and how unsatisfying the ending really was. The villain was really weak for a superhero movie, especially at the end. Steppenwolf wants to summon another DC villain through the cubes but never actually does, which is a bummer for those who expected Darkseid from Batman V Superman.

DC tried to portray the Flash as a normal, quirky 20 year-old but made him into someone who is tripping on every object and not serving as much as a hero. This and all the other’s weaknesses just lead up to the massive carry that is Superman himself. One of the biggest problems a superhero movie based a group can have, is making the group completely irrelevant and making one better than all of them combined. And this is exactly what they did.

Justice League is definitely an enjoyable movie, which I enjoyed. However, there are certainly some problems that the director did not think of. This affected the whole plot of the movie and made it kind of weak. This along with no ground-breaking new idea, just did not make this movie special. I would personally rate it at a 6/10.