GlenOak hosts annual Diversity Night

GlenOak hosts annual Diversity Night

Diversity night was an evening full of many learning opportunities and experiences that focused on expressing many different cultures through various forms of art, music, and dance.

Students and others who attended the free event on Jan. 11 from 6-8:30 p.m. were greeted at the door by people who represented the many different cultures of the world and then lead throughout the school into the theater, various hallways, and the cafeteria to experience the fun activities of the evening.

In the theater, the students involved in the dance program ranging from grades 6-12 performed dances from various heritages such as Greek, Irish and Arabian along with many others. Following the dance performances, three students read aloud parts of Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I Have A Dream” to introduce the students who are enrolled in the American Sign Language class at the school who signed the lyrics to the song “We Are the World (African Edition)” which was sung by Plain Local Schools’ community choir.

In the lunchroom, the Step Team performed, there was a preview of the middle school’s musical “Seussical Jr.”, and students were able to talk with the people who represented the various cultures.
In the hallways, information tables were set up so that students and their families could learn about different cultures, traditions and beliefs of these cultures. Tables were also set up so that many other informational topics such as traditional foods and songs were presented.

Also, students involved in the art program at the schools in the district filled up the hallways. These students spent the night working on a portrait that clearly represented the diverse cultures. At the end of the night, these students were able to present their finished portrait to those who attended the event.

“This evening was certainly one to remember,” sophomore Shayne Feola said. “It clearly showed how diverse and unique the school community is. I feel that the students who were involved in this event successfully showed the public the various cultures of the world and what each culture is all about.”

This event was all about showing the public the differences of people and their cultures. This event also allowed students and their families to participate in activities they do not normally do or see.