Students attend POPS Youth Summit

Students attend POPS Youth Summit

In 1907, humanity managed to create a product that defies decomposition: plastics. While this miracle product was made to enhance our lives, its longevity has proven to have quite the detrimental effect on our planet. Now, groups of students are banding together to take down the plastic menace.

Last week, school students Erin Dolph, Sydni Porter and Brett Dobransky, along with their adviser Dori Hess, went on a trip to the Algalita Plastic Ocean Pollution Solution Youth Summit. It was a three day plastic pollution and prevention conference that started on Feb 9. In attendance, there were 23 teams made up of 115 students from around the world who met at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California, with ten countries represented: America, the Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, Kenya, Lebanon, Palau, Tunisia, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

The summit aimed to address the issue of plastic pollution and how to prevent it from getting any worse than it currently is. Students spent their time participating in various activities and presentations, such as workshops, team-building games, and speeches from invited guests and professionals.

Each team earned a spot in the summit by submitting their original ideas for reducing plastic pollution to the Algalita board. The projects ranged from simple recyclable collection drives to bans on single-use plastic bags.

All teams were given the opportunity to share their plans and ideas with both their peers and leaders in the field. They created a five minute presentation based off of the concept they originally submitted and presented in front of the rest of the attendees and staff members. Presentations had no creative limit to them, which meant groups could do powerpoints, songs or even skits. This let people convey their ideas in a passionate and heartfelt manner.

The Algalita Plastic Ocean Pollution Solution Youth Summit gave students a chance to inform and be informed on plastic pollution in a nurturing environment. For more information on the summit and how to apply for the next event, visit them at